Social Media and Public Relations

by sallyandersonsblog

Social media has definitely become a dominant factor in the world of public relations. Every company is expected to have a social media site and to actively participate in the use of it. Social media has made the maintenance of positive company image more difficult. I feel like the move toward social media dominant word of mouth can be considered a negative thing. Before social media, individuals relied on family and friends for information regarding stores, brand names, and vacation locations. Now, however, the opinion of John Doe halfway across the state is spun into the mix. Different areas in different regions have different opinions on norms. Just because John Doe in the North may have had a bad experience doesn’t mean that Jane Doe in the South will have the same point of view.
Companies who employ social media professionals without a public relations background should offer a brief training course on how to moderate their sites. Some individuals possess a natural finesse that is perfect to hold a PR standpoint; however, others need a little guidance. With a little training, anyone can positively portray their company via social media as well as interact with their customers on a daily basis. I do not believe that the company will suffer in any way as long as the effort to educate their employees and to commit to the success of social media use exists.